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Why MEO?

Why MEO?

There are numerous ways to get varying levels of music education on-line. The internet has touched all of us and made information sharing "instant". But it also allows anyone to post whatever they want. Why wander around the sea of mediocrity, when MusicEdOnline makes sure everything in our curriculum has been vetted, is correct & current information, and is viable in today's music environment?
MusicEdOnline has many ways in which you can participate in our commnuity, beyond our topic tutorials! With MEO TEAM VIEWER you can work together on recording or studying in real-time. The MEO FORUM and MEO AUDITION/Job Search provides many sharing opportunities too. Our ONLINE CONCERT STREAMING, MASTER CLASSES AND VISITING ARTIST SERIES will always keep fresh, inspiring music alive in MEO! With our MEO CHAT you can ask questions or just talk with us online. Our WEBINARS are set up to allow real-time interactivity. Our students will never feel that "online" study means "alone" study. Don't forget our MEO FACEBOOK and TWITTER too!
At MusicEdOnline, we deliver to you the most affordable, cohesive, educational product on the market, wrapped up in a massively powerful Mixed-Media Dashboard® and tied together with our common terminology and inter-related workflow. We are educators and syllabus developers as well as professional musicians, bringing our vast experience to the table for you!
  • Enroll in a college program. Massive costs and time commitment. You get a degree, but unto itself, it means nothing in today's industry except for teaching. Search YouTube for topics. Free, but requires a tremendous amount of filtering out the junk to get to the real deal...if ever.
  • Go to forums and knowledge-bases in order to get bits of information. Open Forums can be helpful, but they also can steer you the wrong way, and can have a tendency to be the collective bragging ground of geeks.
  • Google search forever...and ever...and then some more!
MusicEdOnline is a collaborative educational system that pulls from all the "best of" educational programs:
  • All topics are organized from our 8 modules into sequential, inter-related topic collections developed from one main syllabus, so that they are completely connected!
  • Each topic tutorial runs about 5-7 minutes.
  • Based on your rental / subscription level, each offers different access to support links and documents...yet the topic itself is the same across all users.
  • Our academic subscription adds our powerful SCORM Compliant LMS (Learning Management System) which gives any educator the ability to create an administrator seat and add his or her students under their account.
  • Topics are current to today's industry trends, software / hardware and musical styles.
  • We deliver this education to you using the latest mixed media technology! ...and best of all, it is so insanely affordable, it's an offer you can't refuse!


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